• Apolo

A New Beginning

After so much sacrifice and hard work, I have finally graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology. In retrospect, the whole idea seems crazy. At the age of 18, I decided to move from New York to Washington in pursuit of a degree that gave me the promise of realizing my dream. Not knowing anyone near the area, and never had lived alone, the idea became scary when I got there. But this seemed like a small price to pay to pursue my dream of making games and becoming a part of an industry with such great potential. Not even my near death experience during my first semester deterred me from it. There were other obstacles in the way and some new hardships that I had to overcome, especially when I switched degrees, but even when frustration with myself wanted to creep in, did I ever thought of quitting. 

    I strongly believe that this mindset is what sets me apart from others. Some my call it misplaced hope, but I live with my own style of Chivalrous code. It is one that basically says the following: No matte how many arrows I must take, I will stand. As long as my cosmos (the falem of my life) burns, I will fight. It is this simply code that has guided me this far and will continue to guide me until my goals and dreams have been accomplished. This task has ended a now a new one has begun. Get a job and make a name for myself. 

    This is Apolo Campos Jr. BSGD graduate from DigiPen Institute of Technology. 2nd Class Soldier, Silver Saint, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

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