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A New Look

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

With my new achievement comes a new look to my website. After, quite frankly, ignoring my website for quite a while, I've come back to re organize it and use my drawing and Photoshop skills to give it a brand new and slick look. What I wanted to make sure is that my Home page displays my best work in an organized fashion and to make it clear that this website was a gaming site. Most of the content there, was the same as it was before, with a few new additions, however the format was too... long. Now it get to the point without being overwhelming. 

All Pages were reorganized and given a better flow between them. One of my focuses in term of aesthetics was the header. I wanted to make a banner that would look user friendly and displayed some of my skills, after all, everything in this website was made by me, except of course logos ans symbols used in posts and links of other IP. I wanted to make the background, that can be better seen in widescreen monitors, to show off the works I'v done, like the RA Tetris prototype, my students games like Aztec Warrior, Ciel, TF2 Death by Dice, and Acceleration!, as well as my newer work that I've done for my group RA GameS. This, to display some of my skills. I'm overall happy with this new layout but it's far from perfect and as I update it with new content and learn some new  techniques in webdesign, I'll apply to them here and the RA GameS site, which also needs an overhaul. Now, unto updating that resume

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