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My Evolution Through Hilda

If you were ever curious about the character in the banner or in the background, here is the answer, her name is Hilda Valkyrie and she is my original character for an IP I'm going through promote through the different media, most importantly video games. During my time at DigiPen, I began to think of what kind of game I would like to make if I had complete freedom of how to make it. From my passion for Norse Mythology I began to write a story based on Wagner's Nibelungen Lied. As I developed the story, I always had in mind of what kind of game I wanted to be, so I began to write it. However for me to completely envision it I had to draw a concept art of the main character. When I finally made her and illustrated her in MS Paint, I though how awesome she was. As I practiced more and then gave it another shot, in MS Paint again, and was extremely happy. Yet after being thought by an acquaintance how to use Photoshop, I drew Hilda in a new pose with Photoshop and was surprise at the improvement. As the year was coming to a close, I gave it yet another try and was extremely ecstatic at the result. 

    I know that in each iteration I was even more happy than before, but it's natural when you see the evolution of the character and my skills alongside with it. I am a game designer and programmer first, but whenever I've had time I draw for two reasons. First, I want to be able to communicate effectively to artist for the purpose of game design. Second, I feel like when I'm programming I use my left brain and exhaust it, so to relive some of that stress I draw to use my right side of the brain. I also find it that much like in games, programming is more of a reward on the long run, while drawing is a quick reward that can be see immediately. The difference between building your skills in the game to defeat the boss and finding coins along the way. Now that I have graduated from DigiPen, and while I find a job, I'll keep working on not only the art but more importantly, my programming to display what I want to do with this IP. Besides there's nothing that equals the joy of seeing your program work.

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